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Main dish

Kebabs and tandoor dishes are widely spread in Azerbaijani cuisine. A distinctive feature of our cuisine is the use of Azerbaijani lamb for cooking various dishes. Another feature of Azerbaijani culinary is the sharp taste and unique aroma that give the dishes all kinds of vegetables, spices and herbs.

Royal flavors


Contemporary Azerbaijan cuisine retains traditional methods of preparation of dishes while incorporating modern cooking requirements and preparations. Azerbaijani dishes have traditionally been cooked in copper and clay cookware. Copper and clay bowls and plates are still commonly used as serving dishes.

Sweet dreams


Traditional Azerbaijani desserts are sticky, syrup-saturated pastries such as pakhlava and Shaki halva. The former, a layer of chopped nuts sandwiched between mats of thread-like fried dough, is a specialty of Shaki in northwest Azerbaijan. Other traditional pastry shekerbura, crescent-shaped and filled with nuts.

Cocktail show

Classy bar

In our restaurant you could try many varieties of alcohol beverages, wines and signature cocktails.

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